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About the Novel


How A Light Behind the Door Came About

Following my mother’s death, I felt the need to get an idea of where she was staying in her life on the other side, what she was experiencing, what she was feeling. During her lifetime, we had always had a very close and trusting relationship. And so began my intensive grappling with the theme of the world beyond.

A year after my mother’s death, I sought contact through a medium. The outcome was truly astounding and very moving. Beyond that, I held a lot of discussions with other people and read a lot of books on the topic—books that dealt with the theme of the world beyond from a more or less scientific angle, books about near-death experiences, books in which mediums describe the world beyond as it appears to them (see book recommendations). But regardless of the particular source, I found the same structure appearing again and again in the statements describing the afterlife, and I’ve also incorporated this into my story. The results of my research and my experience with grief led to the book A Light Behind the Door—A Travel Story from Beyond.

The world of the afterlife is described by the story’s deceased protagonist herself. When the story switches to this world, the narrator’s voice changes to a third-person perspective, in this way underscoring the transition from one world to the next. 


The Purpose

Several years have now gone by since my mother’s death. In the meantime, my view of life both “here” and “hereafter” has completely changed. Death is not the final stop. It is the transition between two worlds.

I hope that, through this little story, those who are mourning will gain an idea of how the life of the deceased might look—but not must, because everything could also be completely different! Religious convictions play no part here. Regardless of their beliefs and their conceptions of the afterlife, readers are encouraged just once to contemplate life from another perspective and see themselves within a larger context. Those who view the world beyond as non-existent may wish to simply look upon this little story as a fantasy tale or thought experiment.


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